Places to stay in Little Rock

Little Rock Arkansas has got a lot to offer for tourist ad cultural sites that date back many centuries, these attract large numbers of people both from inside the states and outside. People flock the state regularly to enjoy the scenery, learn history from its vast collection, and holidays. The size of your pocket will determine your choice from luxury 5-star hotels to budget hotels. Let’s review some of them.

Luxury hotels

The capital hotel, located downtown near the river market district, the capital hotel is a historical building that offers large elegant rooms and suites. The service here is exemplary.

Little Rock Marriott, located near the city’s top sites the hotel is an upscale modern building that offers exquisite rooms that face the city. You can get a good view of the city from the windows especially the night view. Other hotels to look out for are the lookout point lakeside inn, the burgundy hotel, New Orleans hotel and the embassy suites hot spring. The Marriot is where we stayed during my bachelor party. Rx Catering supplied the food. It was a grand time!

Mid-range hotels,

Residence inn little Downtown, located near the Clinton library the residence inn little rock downtown offers a range of services like a two-bedroom suite with a kitchen and pool.

Homewood Suites by Hilton, for a romantic atmosphere maybe a date or honeymoon you can consider these suites that offer exquisite services.

Robinwood bed and breakfast, this is another place to check out if traveling in a group and they offer 5 rooms at considerable prices. Other places to check out for are the Comfort inn &Suites Presidential, Wyndham riverfront Little Rock and the Doubletree by Hilton Little Rock.

Budget hotels,

for budget travelers like students you can try out a wide range of budget hotels, at affordable prices.

La Quinta Inn and Suites, located downtown the hotel offers comfortable rooms with a pool and breakfast. If you are willing to travel further you can look out for Wingate by Wyndham and Econo Lodge Inn and Suites, the service is not exquisite but at least you will enjoy it. Beware of the food at this hotel, most of it looks like it is supplied by Sysco and does not taste good in my opinion.


The industry is coming to accept this service, it is a place where you can spend several nights, the host will give you hints on places to visit during the trip. Some B&B services include;

Cliff Cottage Inn, located at the Eureka Springs, it comes with a Blu-ray flat screen tv, a private bathroom, a kitchen with breakfast.

Hilton Garden inn West Little Rock, located in little rock the inn offers free WIFI, a swimming pool, flat-screen tv, and hairdryer.

Other inns to check out for are the best western inn of the Ozarks and the redbud manor inn.

Have a great stay at Arkansas finest. …

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Why living in the countryside better than the city side

The countryside is better to live in because you are surrounded by nature and animals.  While when you are in city life there are building all around and you don’t smell the fresh air.  If you are from the city you don’t know to survive in the countryside. Here are some guidelines to survive in the countryside. They say people are happier in the countryside. 

Clean air

There isn’t very much pollution than there is in the city. The reason for that is because they are trees and grass and plants. In the countryside, there aren’t many cars, trucks, buses, and factories that cause pollution. It is been proved that the countryside air is better than the city side. 

When you are under stress from the city side people go to the countryside to clear their mind and can get rid of stress. 

Peace and quiet 

In the countryside, there aren’t clubs, the noise of cars. You will only hear the sounds of animals the flowing of a river. Blowing of wind and the noise of insects. When it is raining you can hear the drops fall on the roof and the thunder that echoes through the countryside. 


Nothing is good then good walking. When walking in the countryside you can walk for hours, when you walk in the city you fear if you are going to get kidnap. It is safer to take a walk in the country than in the city. While you are walking in the countryside you can enjoy the smell of nature and see a lot of animals and you are getting some exercise in. 

No traffic 

One thing people are happy about is the fact that there isn’t traffic. You can take a drive without worrying about if you are going to be late or how long you are going to be stuck in traffic. Walking up the early in the mornings to skip traffic. When you are in the countryside you are always going to be on time and there is no traffic. 

Living in the countryside has its advantages. You have to get out of the city side and enjoy the smell of nature. The best out of the countryside is that you don’t have to worry about rude neighbors or noise ones.  The countryside is the best way of living and it is good for your health and don’t forget the beautiful mountains that are there and has nature has to offer you.

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